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Badges & Lanyards

Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes to cater for all kinds of needs. With some the focus is more on advertising to consumers, for others it’s rewarding loyal customers, suppliers or staff with executive gifts.

When it comes to promotional badges and lanyards, the main focus is often on promoting professionalism and brand consistency with attention to detail. But don’t underestimate the advertising/ marketing potential.

Creating a strong brand is all in the details

Whether it’s a tradeshow, promotional event or as part of your business, promotional badges and lanyards strengthen your brand. How? Through 3 basic principles:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Increasing brand consistency

Raising brand awareness has a subtle difference to greater brand exposure. Brand exposure is quite simply ensuring that people see your brand, that your message gets read. Brand awareness is the next step, where your audience make (often subconscious) associations with your brand.

For example, the ‘Hoover’ brand became synonymous with vacuum-cleaning in the UK. Despite many other brands, we still “do the hoovering’. Now, again despite other brands of cyclonic vacuums, ‘Dyson’ has gained the same brand awareness.

How do you get to brand awareness? Through brand exposure and consistency. A strong brand is one that’s consistently applied to every interaction with potential customers.

How promotional badges and lanyards are both practical as well as strengthen your brand

Let’s first take a look at the kinds of applications where promotional badges and lanyards are used:

  • Corporate and public events
  • Exhibitions and tradeshows
  • Conferences, seminars and training courses
  • For visitors or where ‘visitors’ are customers

This boils down to two general kinds of people that will be wearing the badge or lanyard –visitors who are your target audience or your own staff.

If you’re hosting a corporate event, exhibition or tradeshow, then it will be attendees and exhibitors/ staff who are wearing the lanyard/ badge. Here they make ideal pre-event promotional products too, as well as being sent-out with tickets or accompanying a welcome pack.

For conferences, seminars, training courses and certain kinds of corporate events, promotional lanyards and badges have a very important function. Good business is built on building good relationships and, as we all know, those first impressions are vital.

It’s why badges and lanyards are so popular wherever people that don’t know each other are brought together. Aside from promoting the conference/ event, having clearly displayed name tags is a great ice-breaker.

For larger events, both corporate and public, promotional lanyards and badges are also highly practical in allowing visitors to readily display their tickets/ passes. This same thinking is used for businesses where visitors are their customers. Everywhere from leisure centres to theme parks, sports venues to museums… be it wristband, lanyard or badge.

We’re here to help…

Whatever you want to use your promotional lanyards, badges or wristbands for, we’ll help you choose the right ones, just get in touch.

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