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Calendars, Diaries & Planners

Whether it’s a promotional calendar, diary or planner, this class of promotional products has been a favourite for decades. And their continued popularity shows no sign of dissipating.

All of these promotional products have a common theme – time. These days we all live busy lives, there just doesn’t seem enough time in the day. That’s especially true in the world of business. Time is money as they say and anything that can help manage our time is always a welcome relief.

In business and in private lives we use calendars, diaries and planners to help us schedule our time, manage appointments and track what’s going on. That kind of usefulness makes these promotional products that serve an important function. As such useful items, they will get kept and used frequently.

Promotional calendars

Calendars are popular because they are a simple way to keep track of dates at a glance. Most people use them in conjunction with a diary or planner... using the calendar to quickly check dates and the diary or planner to log the details. This is in part to their scannable format and perhaps because calendars today serve a dual purpose, the other being as wall décor.

With pictorial or bespoke inserts available, you can create beautiful calendars that are both appealing to your audience and tie-in with your brand/ message. There are plenty of design choices here for eye-catching and highly-visible branding.

Promotional calendars come in many shapes and sizes to suit different uses – from small desktop calendars to large wall calendars. Some show just one calendar month, others two or three per page.

Promotional Diaries

Diaries are inexpensive enough to be used as promotional giveaways and also the quality and functionality to make effective executive gifts.

There’s an extensive range of styles, sizes, formats and colours. From vividly-coloured pocket weekly diaries to A4 daily desk diaries, classic leather diaries to environmentally-friendly diaries made from recycled paper.

Promotional Planners

Planners combine the functionality of a calendar with that of a diary. Their larger format allows dates to be easily scanned and displayed together, but there’s room to make notes.

An essential piece of office stationary for so many businesses, promotional planners are equally suited to corporate gifts as they are promotional giveaways. There are different sizes available, both for wall-mounting and desktop use.

The advantage of promotional calendars, diaries and planners

Anything that helps people manage their time will have wide appeal and make themselves an invaluable and most-welcome addition. Whether it’s as corporate gifts targeting prospects, customers or suppliers or promotional gifts aimed at consumers, these versatile promotional products havegot it covered.

Designed specifically for daily use and with prominent print space, you know that your brand is going to get seen and seen often.

Want to save some time making the right choice? Our friendly and experienced team is standing-by to help any way they can, simply get in touch.

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