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If you’re looking for classic executive gifts or promotional products that you can tie in with a strong message then you shouldn’t overlook promotional calculators. These desk gifts have been successfully used to get branding and messages in front of executives for decades.

But what about computers and mobile devices? They come with calculator apps so surely that’s spelt the end for desktop calculators? Well, there’s no denying that in this computer age calculators are much less common than a decade ago, but that can be a distinct advantage.

Computers don’t have all the answers

Think about it. The paperless office is a myth we enjoy debunking and, in the same way, the advent of smart phones and computer apps haven’t signalled the end for all kinds of executive gadgets and tools. In the same way that digital readers haven’t killed books (book sales are stronger than ever), calculators aren’t out for the count just yet.

We humans like having something solid, a more tactile way of interacting with the world than the virtual reality offered by computers. Punching numbers into a calculator is somehow more rewarding, more real than clicking buttons on a screen. And for many of us, it’s just simpler. Not to mention, if you’re staring at a computer monitor all day, clicking and typing, using a ‘real world’ gadget can be a refreshing break.

With promotional calculators it’s the functionality that counts

Sure there are budget calculators that simply take care of the maths for you, but there’s a whole range of promotional calculators that combine all sorts of functionality to create useful and attractive desktop gadgets. You’ll find calculators that are also pen cases (pen included!), that are built into rulers or hold business cards.

Some models have specially designed flip lids, bases or angled displays to increase the ergonomics and readability of the display. Indeed, there are a range of styles from classic ‘executive’ styling to contemporary and eye-catching. And there are plenty of colour and printing options to match so you know there’s one to fit your branding and message.

Calculators with cleverness built-in

Luckily the power consumption for your average calculator is tiny and so promotional calculators tend to have a long shelf life. But there are a couple of power options that ensure these are very long-lasting promotional products. And one of those is very ingenious indeed.

Solar-powered calculators are nothing new and several come with dual power sources with a battery providing back-up power. But what is new, what is very clever indeed is the water-powered calculator.

A water-powered calculator? Have you got visions of a calculator with a large water wheel that you have to poor cups of water over just too work? Not so! These clever environmentally-friendly promotional products have a water powered battery that uses water rather than toxic chemicals to generate power. They’re better for the environment, make a great eco-friendly statement and get noticed.

Cost-effective branding opportunities

Promotional calculators come with a surprisingly good amount of branding space given their small footprint and, with the range of styles and colours available, you’re getting extremely cost-effective branding opportunities.

If you need help working-out the best solution for you then get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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