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Successful promotional products are ones that get kept. For that to happen the recipient has to find a use for them. Sometimes your audience is broad and you need something with mass appeal, at other times your target audience may have you stumped as to an appropriate choice of promotional product. Sometimes you might be targeting several disparate audiences but are looking for a single promotional product to benefit from economies of scale.

What’s one thing you can pretty much ensure your audience has? Keys. Even children have these everyday tools. Since coming into vogue in the 19th century, keyrings have ascended mere functionality to become ornaments in their own right. There are even avid collectors of such things.

Why they hold the keys to success

Promotional keyrings make for successful promotional products because they have more than mass appeal on their side. They’re:

  • Functional – a pocket full of loose keys? No thanks
  • Ubiquitous – how many people buy keyrings for themselves?
  • Portable – for use in-and-out-of the home/ office
  • Long-lasting – keyrings last for years
  • A statement – they express our personality

The obvious starting point is that keyrings are just plain useful. We all have keys and carrying around a whole load of loose keys is impractical. That’s why promotional keyrings exist in the first place!

Keyrings are everywhere. Whether as promotional products or as ‘stocking filler’ presents, I would say most people don’t buy themselves keyrings, even accounting for souvenirs, as much as they are given them. This gives your promotional keyring more chance of getting kept.

Portability not only means your brand is literally carried further, allowing you to get wider brand exposure, it also adds to the chances of it being kept. We keep small, convenient things much more readily than large, unwieldy ones.

Promotional keyrings are made from long-lasting, durable materials such as metal and plastic. This means they are kept longer and, being of-use daily, this has the potential for a huge amount of brand exposure.

Don’t forget personality!

As for being a statement of our personalities? Well, a keyring technically need only be a piece of string or a plain metal ring. So why do promotional keyrings come in all shapes, sizes and colours? Because we humans find pure functionality dull. If we have to have it, why can’t is express some personality? And what kind of personality? The one that reflects their own.

Think about all those branded keyfobs embossed with the logo of a luxury car maker or those brightly-coloured children’s keyrings, how about the ones with hidden functionality like mini torches or USB sticks? These have very different appeal to very different people… they’re not just pieces of string or a ring of metal.

Need help choosing?

From metal trolley keyfobs  to leather keyrings, torch or novelty keyrings, to liquid keyfobs and recycled keyrings… you’ve got plenty of options. If you need help deciding then please do get in touch.

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