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Stationery & Paper Products

Do you remember those science/ tech TV shows from when you were a kid? Oh, sure there were promises of moon colonies and personal hover craft, but one myth that’s been repeated over and over is the paperless office. With the advent of computers and digital media, paper would be a thing of the past in modern offices.

Well, the myth is well and truly busted and promotional stationery and products (along with the perennial favourite, promotional pens) are here to stay for the foreseeable future. And, considering how cost-effective they are, that’s good news for marketing professionals and business owners.

Promotional products that really do hit desktops

With any form of promotional, marketing or advertising activity, the key factor is how to get your message in front of the right people at the right time. If you’re targeting executives the question becomes “How do you get your message on their desktop?”.

Promotional stationery and paper products are an obvious answer. They are specifically designed to stake a claim on desktop real estate and stay there. How do they do this, by combining three important traits found in any successful promotional product. They are:

  1. Targeted to their audience
  2. Useful so they make it onto desktops
  3. Long-lasting so they stay there

Think of all the daily activities executives that involve stationery… from jotting down notes to organising paperwork. For almost all of them you’ll find a promotional product that makes things easier. And that’s what people like. They like the multitude of time- and hassle-savers. Over time, they can even become mini status symbols (think of the Post It Note) that says “I’m an executive”. Don’t underestimate that attraction, it’s an important factor of what makes promotional stationery and paper products so popular.

Once on the desktop, it’s the every-day usefulness that will make sure they keep their position. Choose the right promotional stationery or paper product and you’ve just got yourself a mini-billboard right in front of your target audience. A billboard that builds brand recognition and awareness. Not only that, careful selection of both message and product will generate a response.

For a simple example, consider the case of a florist. If you’re were looking to increase telephone orders from corporate customers, a custom-branded sticky note pad would be ideal. With your branding and a message such as “don’t forget the flowers”, whenever the recipient makes a note about a special occasion, there you have the perfectly targeted contextual marketing. And for relatively little outlay.

What are promotional stationery and paper products?

Admittedly this genre of promotional gift doesn’t have the catchiest of names, but it does have extremely effective promotional products. Think of all the useful desk items that involve paper and pen, you’ll find:

  • Rulers, erasers and sharpeners
  • Pen pots and holders
  • Desk pads and notebooks
  • Sticky note pads, memo blocks and holders
  • Various desk items – from staplers to hole punches

The impressive range of brandable promotional desk products available means you’ve got everything from promotional giveaways to staff incentives and executive gifts covered.

If you need help deciding which is best for you, what your branding or printing options are, then simply get in touch. Our experienced team will be happy to help.

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